Pandemic "taught" Greeks to the Internet

Every year, the relationship of Greeks with computer technology is constantly improving in all important indicators: Internet connection, time online, mastering gadgets, registering on social networks, mastering e-commerce (shopping, paying bills), as well as the use of new generation mobile phones.

The pandemic and forced self-isolation have accelerated this trend, according to the latest Focus on Tech Life Tips by Focus Bari. Even very elderly citizens (who were taught everything by their grandchildren!) Have mastered the Internet.

According to a survey of a representative nationwide sample of 10,000 people aged 13 to 74, it was found that:

96% of Greeks 13-74 years old use the Internet. Almost 90% of people aged 55-64 have it, and 70% of citizens aged 65-74. 91% of children aged 5 to 12 use the Internet, and by the age of 10-12, almost all children are online (97%). Of 96% of users, 92% say they are online every day. When a person enters the world of the Internet, he discovers its advantages and opportunities. Therefore, nine out of ten Greek women (90%) have their own “smart” mobile phone (smartphone), from which they can access the Internet anytime, anywhere (at the beginning of 2019, the percentage was 82%). 87% of the Greek population now uses the Internet via a mobile phone, and 81% daily. Eight out of ten citizens (78%) have at least one profile on social networks, and 72% report daily visits to their page. Nearly seven in ten Greeks (68%), mostly between the ages of 18 and 54, have made at least one online purchase in the past six months (up from 52% at the beginning of 2019). …

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