Expert: 100% protection against the virus occurs 15 days after vaccination

Professor Athanasios Skutelis, Member of the Vaccination Committee, spoke about the importance of vaccinations and the sequence of actions that citizens must take in order to protect themselves from the deadly virus.

“The mask is necessary until the majority of the population is vaccinated,” the professor emphasizes.
“Four days after the first dose of the vaccine, there is partial protection. Two weeks after the second dose, you are 100% protected from a serious illness, ”said Mr. Skoutelis, adding that“ now we cannot relax, because not everyone is vaccinated yet ”.

“If we do not consciously treat a dangerous disease and take all the necessary protective measures to the maximum, we will never get rid of the coronavirus,” the specialist says.

What the professor said about the AstraZeneca vaccine
Mr. Skoutelis officially stated that “all four vaccines on the market are effective and safe, and the National Vaccine Committee’s assessment is based on data from Greece.” According to epidemiologists, the best vaccine is the one “made as quickly as possible.”

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