China: Hurricane Destroyed Glass Bridge, Trapped Tourist

A hurricane wind blew spans from the famous glass bridge on Piyan Mountain in China. The tourist, located at an altitude of 100 meters, experienced shock and horror, according to, and miraculously escaped. The man managed to hold on by grabbing the ceiling, which made it possible for the rescuers to get to him.

A hurricane wind hit Piyan Mountain in the Chinese city of Longjing, where the bridge is located. As a result of its gusts, most of the coating was destroyed, glass panels were demolished. However, it was not only the structure that suffered – a tourist appeared on the bridge during the rampant, according to The Sun.

The footage that has flown around the world media shows how a man is trying to stay on the destroyed bridge, and the wind continues to smash glass panels. In a state of shock, the tourist was rescued by the police and rescuers. He was taken to the hospital and examined by doctors. According to them, no injuries were found in the man, but the general condition leaves much to be desired, according to the Daily Mail. After the horror he experienced, he needed the psychological support of doctors.

This bridge is considered to be one of the longest glass ones built in China. According to the information received, the man managed to crawl safely, following the instructions of specialists – firefighters, police and tourist workers.

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