Expert: vaccine does not affect fertility

Professor of pathology and member of the Committee of Specialists Charalambos Gogos mentioned the coronavirus vaccine for pregnant women, stressing that the drug does not affect fertility.

“The vaccine does not affect fertility and the ability to conceive a healthy child. There is no such data, ”the specialist emphasized in an interview with the TV channel.

Regarding whether vaccination is suitable for women in demolition, Mr Gogos explained that pregnancy is a risk factor for serious COVID disease, so vaccination is not only not contraindicated, but recommended.

The professor explained that there is no need to take any medications as a precautionary measure, however, some special categories of citizens with chronic problems such as thrombophilia need to consult with their doctor.

Vaccination in children
With regard to young children and vaccinations, Mr Gogos explained that this should be done when the relevant studies are complete and only if the epidemiological evidence is such that the spread cannot be controlled by vaccination of adults alone.

Finally, regarding the organization of weddings with a large number of invitees, the expert stressed that this is an issue that the committee will study at the end of the month, after the first results after the opening of tourism are received.

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