More alive than all living things: a bottle was found, which is … 40 years old

A 1980s plastic bottle was found by members of The Cleaningans, who are involved in voluntary cleaning of various parts of Thessaloniki.

As they posted on their Facebook page, this is a bottle of the famous dairy company AGNO, which sold milk 40 years ago. The capacity was thrown away after consuming the contents, and it seems that it remains unchanged even today.

What volunteers say about it

“During yesterday’s morning walk along the beach in Karabornaki, the bottle of Agno milk shown in the photo was found on the sand, which has long been closed.

The bottle dates back to the 1970-1980 decade and has a long history. Restless, she “dangled” on the sea for a long time and, it seems, already tired of her long wandering, threw herself ashore, having managed to “live” for more than 40 years.

This fact once again confirms how barbarous people are to their own planet. The next time you think about throwing away the plastic bottle, just think about this scary find …

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