In Zakynthos, the mafia shot a businessman

On Friday, May 7, on the island of Zakynthos, a 54-year-old businessman was shot at point-blank from a Kalashnikov assault rifle. The man died on the spot. The second attempt by the mafia hitmen was successful. Last year, he was shot several times, but he was able to survive, however, his wife died.

The murder of “Kallergaina”, the “queen” of brothels in Athens, the robbery of the current mayor of Zakynthos for 550,000 euros, murders, explosions, arson, blackmail and drugs associated with the “mafia” of Zakynthos, all these cases are associated with 54-year-old businessman Dionysus Korfiatis …

Professional killers

A silver Fiat Panda with tinted windows, in which two criminals were traveling, arrived at 11:30 at the intersection of Filikon and Kolyva streets in the center of Zakynthos. At this address is the accounting office where Dionysus Korfiatis came to meet. The businessman’s security guard, whom he hired after his assassination attempt last year, smoked on the street.

The passenger of the car came out with a Kalashnikov assault rifle in his hands and was the first to shoot at the guard (for some reason he missed, although he shot at point-blank range). Then the killer started shooting straight from the street approaching the entrance. Dionysus Korfiatis received several fatal wounds in various parts of his body. Going inside the room, the killer made a control shot in the head. In total, 28 7.62 mm casings from a Kalashnikov assault rifle were found at the crime scene.

The way they killed the 54-year-old man points to the professionals. With calculated and cold-blooded movements, the performer first neutralized the victim’s bodyguard by firing at him without wounding him, then broke the glass door of the office with two bullets and finally discharged a clip of a Kalashnikov assault rifle into the body of the 54-year-old victim. It all took less than 0 seconds.

Immediately after that, the criminals disappeared, and a few minutes later they set fire to the car, which they left behind the Ampelokipi cemetery, about 6 km from the murder site. In the cabin, they left 2 Kalashnikov assault rifles, 1 of them with an empty clip, was used in the murder, and the second was found with a full clip.

The fact that they had two submachine guns shows that they took insurance in case one of them was injured or in the event of police pursuit.

The brother of the murdered businessman says about the attack: “My brother was next to a shopping center in Zakynthos, there are many shops, it is a very busy place. The brother entered the accounting office, the killers drove up in a Fiat Panda. They stopped, fired at the office door, went inside, killed him, got out and drove away … That’s all. ” “Now my three nephews will be left orphans and by their fathers – their mother was killed last summer.”

Who was killed Dimis Korfiatis

The murdered Dimis Korfiatis was a fairly well-known figure in the local criminal community. In 2004, he was charged with the murder of Vaiya Zisi, the “queen” of brothels in Athens. Unidentified persons executed her on 18 April 2004 near her home in Patisia. Dionysus Corfiatis, bought from her the hotel she built in Zakynthos.

“Kallergaina”, as she was called, since her first brothel was on Callergi Street, returned from Zakynthos three days before the murder, where she left to receive the money owed to her in the amount of 603,000 euros, which she never had found. Dionysus Korfiatis was accused of murder as he was considered the most interested person, but he was ultimately acquitted by the court in 2010.

It is assumed that after the events associated with the death of Vaiya Zisi, Korfiatis made a deal with the investigation and became a police informant. It is also known that Dionysus Korfiatis warned the police about the alleged robberies of ATMs on the island.

Also, with his revelatory testimony, he pointed to the perpetrators of the robbery of the mayor of Zakynthos. The robbery took place in April 2016 in the city center. The mayor of the island walked down the street carrying a small bag containing 550,000 euros intended to pay for the construction of the Aretakiou school in mountainous Zakynthos. At some point, he was attacked by a man who managed to pick up a bag of money.

Dionysus Korfiatisa testified that the robbers, a police officer and a 29-year-old Albanian, were imprisoned.

First assassination attempt

This is the second (known to the authorities) attempt to liquidate an “overly talkative” businessman. Last year, assassins ambushed the Agios Sostis area. They cold-bloodedly shot the car in which Dionysus and his 37-year-old wife were driving. He was seriously injured, having received 2 bullets – 1 in the back and 1 in the face, but the doctors managed to save him. His wife also received several bullets, which were fatal.

Dionysus with his wife

Local journalists suggest that Korfiatis received some new information about the local criminal community and was going to merge them into the prosecutor’s office, which ultimately led to the fact that they decided to liquidate him. Or it was revenge for his past plums.

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