February 3, 2023

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Stole … the deceased

An incredible incident took place in Kavala. Unidentified persons opened the grave and took the deceased.

An incident that simply does not fit into my head happened at the Eleftteroupoli cemetery in Kavala. Unknown persons dug the grave in which the man was recently buried, opened the coffin and kidnapped the dead man, according to the publication proininews.gr.

When the family of the deceased came to the cemetery on the 9th day, a shocking sight appeared before their eyes – a fresh hill of earth. The relatives suspected that something was wrong, as they left the grave in a different state, and demanded an investigation.

When representatives of the municipality opened the burial and raised the coffin, it turned out that there was no deceased inside.

According to local media reports, the authorities are investigating the possibility that the body of the deceased was “stolen” by other relatives to bury in the neighboring municipality, at their place of residence.

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