3,362 people in the United States died after vaccination against coronavirus

According to Fox News, 3,362 people in the United States have died after being vaccinated against the coronavirus. TV presenter Tucker Carlson drew attention to this on the air of his program.

The journalist noted that people who have not been vaccinated face great public pressure. However, few people know about the potential risks of vaccination.

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There’s been 3362 people that have died after receiving the Covid vaccine. pic.twitter.com/MjCpCREf20

– Kirky86 (@ Kirky861) May 6, 2021

According to Carlson, from the end of December last year to April 2021, after receiving the vaccination, more than 3.3 thousand people died. On average, this is 30 citizens every day. Compared to influenza vaccination, there are also deaths, but there are much fewer of them. The TV presenter cited this information based on data received from the system for reporting the side effects of vaccines. The TV presenter does not exclude that the actual number of deaths is much higher.

Earlier it became known that the Moderna vaccine was recognized as the best at the World Congress in Washington. Director of the Research Center for Epidemiology and Microbiology named after Gamaleya Alexander Gunzburg noted that this is an economic and political decision.

At the same time, it is widely known about the side effects caused by this drug. So, on March 5, American doctors found a delayed side effect in the Moderna vaccine. In some people, the drug caused skin rashes and inflammation more than 10 days after the first vaccination.

On April 1, it became known that a New Yorker contracted coronavirus a month after being vaccinated with the same drug.

On April 13, it was reported that in the Lithuanian city of Klaipeda, an elderly man died immediately after the second dose of the Moderna coronavirus vaccine. According to preliminary data, the death of a 78-year-old man is not related to the vaccine, but will be investigated in more detail, the head physician of the city polyclinic said.

However, compared to Astrazanek’s drug, Moderna is really safe.

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