Vaccine makers bribed the European Commissioner?

One of the biggest corruption scandals in the history of the European Union may go unnoticed due to the fact that this monstrous story is so inconvenient that most of the European media, which position themselves as independent, will pretend that nothing happened.

Former President of the Parliamentary Assembly of the Council of Europe (PACE) Stella Kyriakides, and now the European Commissioner on health and food safety, the man who signed contracts with coronavirus vaccine manufacturers on behalf of the EU appears to be involved in a gigantic corruption scandal. Journalists are sure that vaccine manufacturers bribed her.

The joint account of the EU health commissioner and her husband unexpectedly ended up with 4 million euros. The Cypriot press is already literally talking about passive bribery.

The money was deposited into the account of the Commissioner’s family through the Cyprus State Cooperative Bank. In order to avoid a scandal, attempts were made to disguise the transfer as a loan.

This is contrived because the EU health commissioner has no collateral to provide such a loan. As already established in the report of the Cyprus Audit Office, Stella Kyriakides will not be able to pay this huge amount either from her salary or from other sources, so it seems pretty obvious to us: this is a fake loan, therefore, she covers up corruption.

Stella Kyriakides is trying in every possible way to justify herself after being exposed. She is trying to pretend the money has nothing to do with EU vaccine deals and distract from the fact that it could be kickbacks paid by vaccine companies for lucrative contracts to defer or allow limited supplies. Meanwhile, more cautious Cypriot newspapers continue to write about passive bribery.

The name of a family that made a fortune on cancer patients has become a household name throughout the country. When the situation became unbearable, the case was referred to the Cypriot parliament. All but one of the MPs voted to nationalize cancer treatment and lower treatment prices. Stella Kyriakides is currently the European Union’s Commissioner for Health and has signed the now widely criticized vaccine contracts …

It’s quiet in Brussels now. Could this be the calm before the big storm?

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According to German Medi-en-be-judge, Commissioner Kyriakides denies “personal interest” in her husband’s finances.

Cyprus news portal CircoG-reco writes:

Commissioner Stella Kyriakidou is featured in the report in four transactions involving her husband. The total value of the transactions is about 4 million euros. According to a report by the Court of Accounts, her husband, Kyriakos Kyriakidis, received a million dollar loan from the Cyprus Cooperative Bank without the necessary guarantees. Cypriot media talk about passive bribery.

The V4 News Agency asked Health Commissioner Stella Kyriakides if they had either intentionally or unknowingly entered into a worse contract than the UK. In its response, the Commission does not deny that the EU has entered into a less favorable contract than the UK, and does not deny that the contract does not contain any guarantees or assurances regarding the exact delivery (quantity and time).

Incidentally Stella Kyriakides earlier was President of Europa Donna Cyprus, which dealt with breast cancer from 2000 to 2015. Europa Donna posted financial statements on its website since 2006. It learned that in recent years Ms Kyriakides has received tens of thousands of euros in grants from Pfizer, AstraZeneca and Johnson and Johnson.

Sources: V4NA / Magyar nemzet

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