Transport strike on May 6

Public transport on Thursday May 6th will suspend its movement along the streets of the city. The workers accuse the authorities of “plans to return to the Middle Ages.”

Public transport workers (Μέσα Μαζικής Μεταφοράς, MMM) have announced a 24-hour strike scheduled for Thursday May 6, the Athens Labor and Employment Center (Εργατοϋπαλληλικό Κέντρο Αθήνας, EKA) reported.

In particular, according to the statement, public urban transport on May 6 will function as follows:

Metro line 1 (ΗΣΑΠ), as well as lines 2 and 3, trolleybuses and trams will be immobilized for 24 hours due to a strike by workers’ unions. Buses will run as usual.

In the very text of the protest statement, transport workers ‘unions complain to the government, saying that “after various anti-labor measures taken during an unprecedented pandemic (permanent or temporary), the authorities are promoting a series of legal provisions to“ circumvent ”workers’ rights in relation to the 8-hour worker day. Employees’ rights and achievements are non-negotiable. “

The workers are in a militant mood and say that they are “determined to resist the government’s plans to return to the Middle Ages (slavish treatment of workers, their exploitation – author’s note) and intend to fight for their rights.”

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