Brussels: Russian vaccine is not present in the plan to ease restrictions on tourists

The European Commission has published a plan for the admission of tourists to EU countries. The measures are relaxed for those vaccinated, but only with drugs approved by the European Union, reports The Associated Press.

All vaccinated tourists will be able to rest comfortably in European countries. However, there are no Chinese or Russian drugs in the lists of vaccines that will be taken into account. Attention will be paid to the epidemiological situation in the country from which the tourist arrives. At the same time, each EU member state has the right to make an independent decision to close its borders when such a need arises. European Commission spokesman Adalbert Janz explains:

“This will allow member countries to act quickly and temporarily to restrict, to a strict minimum, all travel from affected states, for a period necessary before the introduction of all sanitary measures.”

For citizens of the European Union who travel within its borders, an electronic vaccination passport will become a travel permit. It will be possible to travel even for those who have not received the vaccination – if there is a negative result of the PCR test and who have had a coronavirus. Eduardo Santander, EC Executive Director for Tourism, says:

‚ÄúThis is extremely important to ‘save’ the summer season, to help the tourist industry not only survive, but also make a living again. We will be faced with the fact that many will travel not in the usual ways. Definitely in the summer everyone will want to relax in nature, and many will want to go where there are no large masses of people. “

The European Commission’s plan must now be approved by all EU member states. Its first discussion is scheduled for Wednesday.

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