USA: scientists have found an effective way to instantly destroy the coronavirus

American scientists have invented a device capable of destroying the SARS-CoV-2 coronavirus in half a second, Biotechnology and Bioengineering reports.

The full results of the study by scientists at the University of Texas A&M will be published in the May issue of the scientific journal, the main points are presented on April 28.

The experimental setup of the scientists is extremely simple. It consists of a stainless pipe, through which the air flow with the virus passes, and a heating system. The passing contaminated air is heated to a temperature of 72 degrees in just 0.5 seconds, which reduces the concentration of the virus by 100,000 times.

Researchers believe that this method of getting rid of the virus, that is, heat treatment of the air flow, can be successfully applied in air preparation systems in any premises. In addition, the method is effective not only against coronavirus, but also against other viruses. Science and technology news site notes:

The use of heat to neutralize COVID-19 has been demonstrated before, but in previous studies, high temperatures have been applied for one to 20 minutes. It is difficult and expensive. Khan and his team have demonstrated that heat treatment completely inactivates the coronavirus in less than a second.

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