December 2, 2023

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An expert opinion on the Indian strain: no need to worry as there is a vaccine

Pulmonology professor Nikos Tsanakis called for scrupulous adherence to the measures and rules of the Health Protocol, and regarding the Indian strain said that “the vaccine provides protection against it.”

The professor pointed out that social contacts, relaxation and disorganization of the population during the May holidays can “backfire” with an increase in cases of covid. According to Mr Tsanakis, there are between 30% and 40% of the population in Greece that is immune.

At the same time, the expert also noted that catering is carried out in the open air, so the virus is transmitted less often, and even hot weather “plays into our hands”, however, as well as large-scale self-testing.

What Professor Tsanakis Says About Indian Mutation
Regarding this strain of coronavirus, the specialist noted: “We have little knowledge of what it is, whether it is transmitted more often, or whether it is more deadly or more potent. What we really know about it is that at least it is no more transmitted than the British. And one does not allow the other to spread. “

In addition, according to the professor, it looks like the Indian strain is being treated and a vaccine is effective against it.

“I’m not worried, the percentage of spread of this strain in our country is very small. Remember, we recently had a South African mutation. We were scared by her some time ago. However, very quickly she was somehow suppressed and did not cause much trouble. I believe the same will happen with the Indian mutation. Even in India, its percentage is very small, about 15%. And in fact it spread to New Delhi, not all over India. “

“We must all be disciplined so that there is no new wave”
“We have entered a stage where we can maintain a good epidemiological situation. And if each of us is properly disciplined and conscientious, everything will be fine, ”said Mr. Tsanakis.

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