December 11, 2023

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The Athenians celebrated Easter … on balconies

The extreme pandemic restrictions imposed on Easter Sunday may have thwarted the plans of many. However, it seems that the traditional skewer was still “present” in Athens, as braziers with skewers were installed on balconies, in courtyards and even on sidewalks to comply with Easter customs.

According to the quarantine measures in force today, the townspeople spend the holiday in a close family circle. In particular, just today, Easter Sunday, two families can gather up to 9 people indoors and up to 12 people outdoors to roast a lamb and enjoy a traditional meal with family and friends.

As noted, the movement of citizens will be carried out by sending an SMS message to number 13033 with code 6. At the same time, those who participate in the feasts were recommended to first conduct a self-test. Experts have already given the green light to inter-municipal travel, but the ban on moving from district to district remains.

Many taverns today do not accept orders, as they simply cannot serve everyone. This indicates that orders have been made for a week already, and lamb meat has been baked since yesterday, so that catering establishments could meet the increased demand. Now it was the turn of the suppliers of ready-made orders of grilled meat, which were “loaded to capacity”.

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