Is it dangerous to paint eggs for Easter – expert opinion

A dietitian explains how different egg food colors affect health.

One of the main attributes of Easter, which Orthodox Christians are preparing to celebrate on May 2, are, along with Easter cake, colored eggs. As a rule, food dyes are used for this, says nutritionist Natalya Kruglova to the Moscow 24 edition.

In small quantities, they are practically safe for health, but, the doctor warns:

“If we are talking about a healthy person, then food colorings will not bring big health problems. If this is a person with a tendency to allergic diseases or a child, then it would be good to exclude them from the diet. “

Kruglova says that it is quite difficult for an ordinary person to determine the signs or parameters of the harmfulness of the dye, since the additives are hidden on the packaging under the letter “E”. In addition, it is almost impossible to say in advance whether to expect an organism’s response to a particular product. She explains that, in theory, eggs whose festive color is determined by artificial additives can affect health. This can happen if a person often consumes foods with food coloring. The list of these includes confectionery products containing additives or sugary carbonated drinks. If such products with dyes are used regularly, then one should not be surprised at the appearance of skin rashes or digestive upset. But, the nutritionist notes, each person is individual and the degree of harm of dyes is different for each.

Many people use natural dyes for coloring Easter eggs. Although in this case an allergic reaction of the body is also possible, this is due to individual tolerance. The doctor recommends using onion peel as a dye – in addition to the pleasant golden color given to the eggs, it also disinfects them. To make the color brighter, and the coloring process was faster, Kruglova recommends using white eggs.

Added to the above are the warnings of Sergei Belkov, food processing chemist. He warns that using conventional paints and markers as a dye is extremely dangerous to health. Plants should not be used either, as some of them may contain ingredients that are harmful to health.

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