Easter with heat and African dust

According to the latest forecast data from the National Observatory of Athens, on Easter weekend there will be good, slightly cloudy and quite summer weather. This means that the conditions will be ideal for a festive feast in nature.

The wind speed will not exceed 4-5 on the Beaufort scale, but the concentration of dust in the atmosphere will increase even more. Temperatures will rise to high values ​​due to hot air masses covering the Eastern Mediterranean.

In particular, on Holy Saturday (01/05), as well as Easter Sunday (02/05), temperatures are expected to reach and even exceed 35 ° C in some places, while in most of the central and southern country it will reach 30 ° C. The corresponding map below shows the maximum temperature fluctuations in the 5 largest urban centers until Easter Sunday (02/05).

On Easter Sunday, May 2, slightly cloudy weather is expected throughout the country. Winds will blow from the south with a force of 4 points. Further input of African dust is expected. Temperatures will rise even more and reach 34–36 ° С in most of the country.

On Easter Monday, slightly cloudy weather is forecasted. Local showers are expected in the afternoon in the mountains of the central and northern mainland. The concentration of African dust in the atmosphere of the southeast of the country will continue to increase. Winds will blow from the west / northwest, from 3 to 5 on the Beaufort scale. The temperature, although it will decrease slightly in the west, will remain high in the central and northern regions over the coming days.

Sources: National Observatory of Athens, worldweatheronline.com, windy.com, Xalazi.gr, Meteoclub.gr, Weather.gr, Hellenicweather.gr.

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