The elite moved out of town on helicopters and yachts

While law enforcement officers scrutinized tolls, ports and bus stations to make sure that citizens were staying home without question, individuals, the cream of the crop, turned to private helicopter and yacht rentals for help. They are ready to pay whatever they want to get out of the city, into nature.

As an employee of a well-known air transport company told Espresso, in recent days there has been a particularly high demand from Athenians who want to spend Easter on an island. The prices are very steep, as for a simple transfer for two people from Athens to Syros it takes 3200 euros, to Santorini – 3750, and as we leave and go to Corfu, the amount increases to 6490 euros. An employee from one of the companies we contacted confirmed that those with “no financial problems” are turning to air transport to avoid tedious road checks.

Without a piece of paper you are … an insect, but with a piece of paper you are a man!
It seems that the restrictions have affected only average citizens, since the elite, who are accustomed to “paying for pleasure,” are ready to fork out and pay whatever they ask to leave the capital. At the same time, traveling by helicopter, they have (for safety reasons) with them a document confirming that the citizen is traveling for “work”.

When asked if such paper is enough to avoid control, inconvenience and subsequent fine, the employee of the company assured that “we will be all right,” while emphasizing that it is very easy to get it. However, in a conversation with another private helicopter rental company, it became clear that all the documents required by the authorities to travel smoothly from district to district were required.

Coast security
Meanwhile, according to the information, the goal of ΕΛ.ΑΣ. and the Coast Guard – to carefully check ships, boats and yachts for the presence of townspeople trying to escape from the city by sea to the “paradise” of the islands.

“Athenian Riviera” – a pole of attraction, an increase in the number of bookings up to 100%
However, those who do not have the money to go to the island by boat or helicopter choose to rent a house in the nearest seaside direction. A case in point is the Athenian Riviera, where the occupancy rate during Easter far exceeded the expectations of real estate experts.

The cost of renting a house in Lagonisi, Anavyssos or Saronida ranges from 80 to 100 euros per day, while if the house has a sea view or is very close to it, the price rises dramatically and reaches 1000-1200 euros per day.

Reservations for apartments or mansions exceed 90%. Sounio has 77% of tourist properties, Palea Fokea 72%, Porto Rafti 81%, Aegina 79%, Oropos 90%, Vravrona 93%, Artemis 72%, Lavrio 76 % and in Kineta – 85%.

According to the expert, “prices for standard apartments / houses (for short-term rent) in certain areas range from 100 to 200 per day, from 350 euros and more for villas.”

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