Poland: Himmler’s gold discovered … in a brothel

In Poland, they announced that they found Himmler’s cache with 48 boxes of gold, Gazeta.ru reports.

Heinrich Himmler’s cache is located in an old palace. During the occupation of Poland by Nazi troops, a brothel was located there. For a long 60 years, the mistress of an SS officer looked after the hidden treasures. The cache contains 48 boxes of gold bars and other treasures, the total weight of the hidden is believed to be 10 tons, according to the Daily Mail:

Treasure Hunters claimed 10 tons of Nazi gold, which at the end of World War II was allegedly stolen and hidden by Reichsfuehrer SS Heinrich Himmler to create the Fourth Reich. Excavations are due to begin next week on the grounds of a palace in Poland that was used by the SS as a brothel. It is planned to excavate 48 boxes of gold for a total amount of about 0.5 billion pounds. It is noted that other values ​​may be hidden there as well.

According to the “treasure hunters”, secret documents and a map, kept by the descendants of SS officers, helped them in finding and finding the cache. It is assumed that this is “Breslau’s gold”, which disappeared at the end of the war from the police department, and was “buried” in an unknown place. Until now, there was no information about the disappeared values.

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