Another “cuckoo” wanted by the British police

A husky dog ​​found a newborn baby abandoned in the park’s bushes, according to the West Midlands police website calling for help finding the baby’s mother.

The boy turned out to be alive and well, the hospital staff where he was admitted, named him George. According to doctors, he is only a few hours old.

Security cameras viewed by the police captured a woman walking slowly along the road. It is assumed that this is the mother of the baby. The police published photos of the baby and made an appeal to all who are not indifferent:

Little George is healthy and well. Unfortunately, we have not yet been able to find his mother. We are very worried about her and want to make sure that she is healthy, physically and mentally. The birth is a big deal and we are concerned that she may need medical attention.

Little George was found a week ago, on April 22, and the police say they are “very concerned” about his mother’s condition. Neil Hunt, the head of the investigation, says:

“I’m talking to George’s mother. You are my main concern right now, and we really need to make sure you’re okay. I don’t know the circumstances of George’s birth, but as a parent, I know exactly how difficult it can be. We are ready to offer you any help and support. George is healthy and your health is our priority now. If anyone thinks they know who George’s mother is, I urge you to help me find her. “

Little George might not have been seen on time. He was noticed by the husky Hel and by barking attracted the attention of his 64-year-old owner Terry Walsh. The man claims that if it were not for the dog, he would have walked by – the bundle with the child resembled a blanket thrown by someone.

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