Pfizer Announces Coronavirus Pill

Pfizer has announced an experimental coronavirus pill, a drug that will be administered orally and may be available by the end of this year, UK media reported.

According to Telegraph and the Daily Mail, the pill will be given to patients showing the first symptoms of Covid-19. The company conducts trials, divided into three stages, with a total duration of 145 days. The studies are expected to be completed in mid-July.

The first phase of testing will end in May and, if all goes well, the drug could be distributed to hospitals and clinics by fall 2021, UK media reported.

From the very beginning of the pandemic, various information has appeared about drugs for the coronavirus. The first about hydroxychloroquine and chloroquine, as a cure for coronavirus infection Covid-19, stated Donald Trump, calling it a “gift from God”, which led to procurement Greece 5 tons of this drug. Later it turned out that the drug kills the patient rather than cures him, which means it is dangerous. Nevertheless, the money was spent. At the same time, as it turned out later, the owner of the enterprise producing chloroquine turned out to be the son-in-law of the American president. How much the Trump family earned from this ad remains a trade secret.

We have previously reported on similar developments by Israeli scientists. In particular a drug, developed by Professor Nadir Arber of the Center for Comprehensive Cancer Prevention at the same hospital, will be able to combat an alarming cytokine storm, a life-threatening systemic inflammatory syndrome in which the immune system gets out of control and begins to attack healthy cells, affecting the lungs in 5-7 % of patients with Covid-19 and causing many deaths.

The medicine is administered by inhalation once a day for 5 days, and the procedure takes only a few minutes. Protein is found on the surface of cells, playing a well-known and important role in regulating the immune system, helping to “calm it down” and curb storms.

On another development of Israeli scientists, we wrote in February. We are talking about a medicine for seriously ill coronavirus, which may become available this year. The experimental drug has successfully passed the first stage of testing, says its creator, Professor Arbar Nadir.

The most impressive results were achieved by Metropolitan Jerome of Kalavrit and Egil, who in March 2020, accompanied by the former Metropolitan of Kalavrit and Egil Ambrose, drove through the cities and villages of the Peloponnese, overshadowing and sprinkling rare pedestrians and houses with holy water. By words priest, “blessed water” is the best cure for coronavirus.

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