In Kiev, on April 28, a march will take place in honor of the creation of the SS division "Galicia"

In Kiev on Wednesday, April 28, they plan to hold a march in honor of the day of the creation of the SS Galicia division. The march is scheduled to start at 18:00 at Arsenalnaya Square. The announcement of the march was published on the “Golosivska Kryivka” Facebook page.

Today is a passionate Wednesday, and it was on this day that Judas earned his thirty conditional pieces of silver. As you can imagine, now is the time to implement successful initiatives and hold various kinds of symbolic events. Therefore, it is very logical and correct that in the evening there will be an “embroidery march” dedicated to honoring the “veterans of the SS Galicia division.

Kiev. April 28, 18:00 Arsenalna Square. Vishyvanka march in honor of the opening day of the Galicia division

Posted by Golosiyivska Kryivka on Sunday, April 25, 2021

Event announcement

Formally, Nazi ideology is prohibited in Ukran. However, no one can forbid true patriots to march, chasing a step, through the capital of a European power, filling embroidered shirts with the appropriate ideological content.

Moreover, the city authorities, represented by Vitalik Klitschko, directly support such “events”.
This is our response to the constant information aggression of the Kremlin, which has already launched a victorious march.
Well, we have true patriots from Galicia marching, and they have an Immortal Regiment.

It is necessary for the numerous centers of counteraction to “Russian fakes” to somehow struggle with the “heavy legacy of the Soviet past.”

First of all, as senior curators and mental brothers from England teach us, one should “destroy and de-virtualize the basic triggers of an artificially imposed mentality.” I don’t understand their language. I will simply translate: we should not allow “victory”.

This is what they call the celebration of Victory Day. Fill it with, so to speak, “the correct meaning.”
Therefore, a purely Lviv (until recently) “trend” associated with the SS division “Galicia” is acquiring, as it were, “national significance.”

And that is not all. On May 2, in Odessa, the slender columns of the “National Corps”, as well as the Sternenko “Right Sectors”, will solemnly “celebrate” the victory over the “cotton wool” by burning it. This is also a very symbolic action, designed to consolidate the “dominant position of the new ideology.”

It is noteworthy that even the main national ideologist, the former head of the Institute of National Remembrance, Vladimir Vyatrovich, in his comments to the Vesti newspaper statedthat he was against holding any actions in honor of the SS Galicia division.

“Such marches are not needed. I believe that the SS” Galicia “members were victims of this war. These are the Ukrainians who were forced to fight for foreign, German interests, who fought against other Ukrainians in the Red Army, who, in turn, were also forced fight for other people’s interests, “Vyatrovich emphasized.

People’s Deputy from “Servant of the People” Maxim Buzhansky on the air of the TV channel “Nash” named potential participants in the announced march “SS supporters”.

“Let’s call a spade a spade. The SS is an organization recognized as criminal by the Nuremberg Tribunal. And the only justification for membership in the SS, which this tribunal emphasized, was a violent entry into it. In the case of the Galicia division, all volunteers are there. These are specific people who swore allegiance to Adolf Hitler and fought for the interests of the Third Reich, “Buzhansky stressed.

On April 28, 1943, recruitment to the Galicia rifle division began in Lvov. Today in Kiev, their followers, who have captured Kiev, go to the parade. In Western Ukraine, the people joyfully welcomed this initiative, the occupation authorities were advised not to prevent Ukrainians from decorating settlements with blue and yellow flags during the recruitment campaign. By June 3, 1943, the number of volunteers who volunteered to serve in the ranks of the division reached 80,600 people. On July 12-22, 1944, the SS Galicia division under the command of Brigade Fuehrer Sylvester Stadler as part of the 4th Panzer Army of the Northern Ukraine group, Field Marshal Walter Model, took part in battles against the Red Army. After the war, about 12,000 divisional soldiers were held in an internment camp in Northern Italy until 1947, from where, with the assistance of Ukrainian society and the Pope, almost all of them were transported to England. After escaping repatriation to the USSR, they went through the process of lustration for involvement in war crimes and received the right to settle in Great Britain, from where the majority emigrated to Canada.

Posted by Russian Athens – Russian Athens on Wednesday, April 28, 2021

Note that the 14th SS Infantry Division “Galicia” (14 Division Grenadiere der Waffen-SS “Galizien”) is a unit in the Waffen-SS of Hitler’s Nazi Third Reich, which existed from 1943 to 1945. Ukrainian “historian” Mykola Posyvnych told “Radio Liberty”, which during the Second World War, due to powerful propaganda, the SS was deciphered as “Sich Riflemen”, which is why, they say, many Ukrainians went to the division for patriotic reasons, although any reasonable person understands that in those years , the SS, had an unambiguous interpretation, and the tales of the Sich Riflemen “were invented by ideologists much later.

It is worth noting that since its inception, this military formation has been engaged exclusively in punitive functions. The SS Galicia Division left its bloody mark in Slovakia, the Balkans (Yugoslavia), France, Poland and Western Ukraine. More details Wikipedia

It should be noted that in May 2020, the Kiev District Administrative the court recognized the Nazi symbols 14th SS Infantry Division “Galicia”. But already in September the Sixth Appeal the administrative court overturned this decision, which apparently became the reason for the Nazi supporters to hold today’s march. Show, so to speak, the product by the face.

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