Chania nursing home horror: police investigate over 80 deaths

Information about a nursing home in Chania, Crete is reminiscent of Hitchhok’s horror films: hunger, filth, violence, extortion. According to OPEN, the police are investigating the deaths of at least 80 people.

What actually happened and is happening in the nursing home is not fully understood. It is known that relatives of elderly people who died in a nursing home accuse the leadership of bullying their relatives, theft and extortion of money and property.

New data continues to arrive daily and, according to the OPEN TV channel, we are talking about the premature death of more than 80 people.

An elderly woman’s niece who lived in a nursing home in Chania complains that her aunt’s property has been taken away. In particular, she stated that her aunt was forced to sell the property at a much lower price than the real one. She also told the site that her aunt had 30 pounds of gold or more and jewelry that disappeared in an unknown direction. A former nursing home employee reported elder abuse. According to the applicant, the staff were ordered not to feed the residents there, and to avoid complaints they were allegedly given sedatives.

The horrors of a nursing home in Chania

The horrors of a nursing home in Chania

Posted by Russian Athens – Russian Athens on Wednesday, April 28, 2021 A former nursing home employee told SKAI about the dire conditions and abuse of the elderly. “They were tied up and given sleeping pills all the time,” she says, adding: “Suddenly, within a week, 14 people died.” She claims that in some cases there were “bruises and bumps” on the bodies of the deceased, and that some officers beat old people.

The woman also says that everyone in the nursing home knows about this, because cameras are installed everywhere, and the only concern of the staff, according to her, was to take money and gold from the old people (they did not even hesitate to “take bribes” for allegedly good care of relatives from their visitors).

For their part, the director and lawyer of the Chania nursing home are threatening legal action against those who filed complaints against them. Nursing home lawyer Mr. Sfakiotakis stated that the particular employee was shamelessly lying because she was fired.

Another testimony of the “excellent” care of guests in Chania came from a relative of an elderly woman. According to her, the old woman died in a nursing home. After serving the anniversary of the memorial service, a relative of the deceased tells on the SKY channel: “Then it just caught our attention. She died there, in ward No. 2 … In fact, she died of hunger. They did not allow us to feed her. When we came to her , they kicked us out. “

The testimony of other relatives of the deceased, which became public, is shocking. The daughter of one of the victims said: “She had wounds … Her legs were so thin, well, just like the prisoners of Auschwitz! And when it came time for the funeral, they did not bring the body to our house. I think they did this in order not to show how she looked lately. If I had gone, I would have seen her bound by her legs and arms on the bed. “

Another relative of the victim said that all the property of the elderly woman was transferred to the church, and the transfer procedure took place between two strokes. On the SKAI TV camera, and even referring to his mother’s case, the man said that he saw the woman very emaciated on Wednesday afternoon, not at all the same when she entered the nursing home. On Friday he was informed that she had died.

Nursing home: criminal prosecution of those responsible
The Supreme Court has already intervened and began to investigate the facts presented in the complaints. Reportedly, no later than a week after Easter, a criminal case will be opened and charges brought. At the moment, seven former employees have been invited to testify.

According to the information, the question is also raised about the property of the deceased, and in this area there may be facts that require verification. In the case file, according to the report, there is at least one suspicious case of transfer of property of an elderly person, in respect of which the owner of a nursing home acted as his lawyer. There are also many complaints about property donated to the church, as well as jewelry that was confiscated from the elderly.

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