103-year-old coronavirus winner

As the Greek media officially reported today, the elderly woman is expected to be discharged from the hospital of Agios Pavlos. The coronavirus winner is 103 years old. She was treated at the hospital and recovered.

After being discharged from the medical facility, the elderly woman will go to a rehabilitation center for precautionary reasons. The news raised optimism among the hospital’s medical staff.


Recall, this is the third “winner” of the coronavirus at such an advanced age. The first two old women – one from Kerkyra (102 years old) and the second from Magnesia (101 years old). The story of the grandmother who defeated the coronavirus really inspires hope in the hearts of all the inhabitants of the planet.

Ms. Olga Kontogiorgi from Magnesia lives permanently in the Γηροκομείου Καναλίων Σουρλίγκειο nursing home. She was discharged from Achillopuleio Hospital in Volos after 40 days of hospitalization.

Grandma – “to the envy of everyone”

Ms Olga was admitted to the hospital on January 27 when she developed symptoms. Doctors have confirmed the presence of coronavirus. The grandmother was infected along with other residents of the said nursing home.

Initially, her health did not deteriorate much. The clinical picture of the disease was much better compared to other patients brought from a nursing home. However, the doctors did not hide their concern. Their fear was mainly related to the complications that the disease could cause due to old age. And yet, the grandmother showed everyone a “dummy”. Like, “you can’t take ours,” we’ll wait a little longer!

The old woman did not even have to be hospitalized in intensive care. At the same time, 10 of her acquaintances fought the deadly virus until their last breath.

Ms Olga’s hospital stay was limited to simple treatment. She wasn’t even intubated! The patient had a mild fever and some respiratory problems, which healed without being connected to a ventilator.

The grandmother was discharged on March 8 after testing negative for COVID19. She walked out of the room on her own and got into an ambulance that took her back to the nursing home. The long-liver lives there permanently, since all her relatives have long since died.

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