Zimbabwe: Elephants to Deal with the Economic Crisis

The Zimbabwean government has found a way to deal with the country’s coronavirus crisis by selling licenses to shoot elephants, CNN reports.

The African nation’s revenues have plummeted due to pandemic-related travel restrictions. To partially compensate for the losses, the authorities decided to reduce the number of elephants. Tinashe Faravo, a spokesman for the Zimbabwe National Parks and Wildlife Authority, assures that such a step will help support the country’s economy and pay salaries to the department’s employees. It is planned to sell at least 500 licenses this year alone, each of which costs from 10 to 70 thousand dollars.

Currently, there are approximately 100,000 elephants in Zimbabwe. Although recently, the number of injured and dead animals has increased from more frequent accidents. Experts warn the authorities that shooting elephants could lead to revenge of their relatives.

In December last year, Namibia reported on similar plans to bolster the economy with elephants. But she announced the sale not of licenses for shooting, but of the elephants themselves.

Recently, in Africa, there has been a decline in the elephant population due to poaching, although in the south their number, on the contrary, has increased.

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