USA: Americans do not want to have a second dose of vaccine

About 8% of Americans, or more than 5 million citizens, do not plan to have a second Pfizer or Moderna vaccine against COVID-19, according to the New York Times, citing the Centers for Disease Control and Dissemination.

All people have different arguments, but they are based on elementary fear. The hysteria surrounding the side effects of vaccination has raised concerns among those who are just about to get the first vaccination. Those who have already received the first dose, for the same reason, decided that this is quite enough for immunization. Sometimes the second vaccination is not given for another reason – in the absence of the necessary drug, the vaccination centers are forced to cancel the appointment.

And yet, at present, the United States, along with India and China, have become the leading states in the number of citizens vaccinated against COVID. These countries account for 58% of all vaccinations made in the world.

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