Mitsotakis: We give back to the middle class what SYRIZA took from him

“I promised that I would give back to the middle class what SYRIZA took from it, and the government is fulfilling this election commitment,” said Prime Minister Kyriakos Mitsotakis in his speech on the modernization of two important roads in Northern Greece, and also reminded of the tax cuts. announced last Thursday.

“Greece, friends, is absolutely ready to make a big leap forward in the future. Just yesterday, Standard & Poor’s upgraded the Greek debt rating with a positive outlook for the future, thereby confirming the confidence of international investors in the prospects for the Greek economy, ”said Mr. Mitsotakis after completing his visit to northern Greece.

According to him, “before us is the national recovery plan“ Greece 2.0 ”. That is, Greece for the next decades, which includes hundreds of projects that can change the production model, image, as well as everyday life throughout the territory. “

“But there are also problems that unfortunately came from the past. Unresolved problems that we are solving. And one of these old accounts from yesterday is the one that we are closing now by these two roads, ”he said.

The Prime Minister said: “A few days ago, I announced a series of significant tax cuts related to corporate income tax, the down payment that companies will pay, the abolition of performance pay for 2022 and reductions in employers’ contributions for the next year. Despite the pandemic and crisis, the government is consistently implementing its election program. “

“I promised that I would return to the middle class what SYRIZA took from it, and the government is fulfilling its election commitments. We will all walk this path together with confidence, planning, always speaking the language of truth in cooperation with regional and local authorities. We are at the beginning of a beneficial cycle of rapid recovery for our country, which “after the pandemic will benefit all Greek women and all Greeks,” he added.

Recall, the Prime Minister announced on Thursday five tax and insurance benefits for employees and companies. The tax cuts, according to government sources, are ongoing and aimed primarily at the middle class.

SYRIZA replied in the style of “how you call yourself so called”

The official opposition SYRIZA has sharply criticized Prime Minister Kyriakos Mitsotakis’s statement on middle-class policies.

SYRIZA argues that the prime minister “probably sees that the middle class, from which he is trying to gain support in the run-up to elections, is turning away from him and again trying to sell their seaweed for silk ribbons.”

SYRIZA then urged Mr. Mitsotakis to think “how he will give back to the middle class what he took from her for a year and a half, after first taking care of stopping his daily impoverishment.”

“The middle class are people whose 8-hour day is preparing to abolish and introduce unpaid work and cut wages,” the opposition said in a statement.

As SYRIZA emphasizes in its statement, the middle class are store owners “who have been denied liquidity to resume their activities, small and medium-sized business owners who are drowning in debt that the authorities refuse to regulate, free professionals, lawyers, economists, engineers, whom he left without a bit of support during the pandemic and humiliated, devalued professional rights. “

The official opposition continues to argue that the middle class are households “preparing to lose their homes following the bankruptcy pandemic,” as well as the minority shareholders of Piraeus Bank “robbed in broad daylight.”

In this context, SYRIZA concludes that “there are worse deeds than not giving to those in need is to laugh at them”: “Mitsotakis will know the anger of the people very soon”, – with these words SYRIZA concludes her message.

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