March 28, 2023

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Minister: “Compulsory SMS will be canceled soon”

Digital Government Minister Kyriakos Pierrakakis stressed that the more activities (areas of activity) open, the closer we are to completing the process of sending messages to leave the house.

When asked how many messages were sent to number 13032 and about the end of the mandatory SMS sending period, Mr. Pierrakakis stressed that “as in the case with number 13033, we decided not to indicate the message number (code). The reason is that the gigantic volume of SMS makes it difficult to draw unambiguous conclusions. Nevertheless, the opening of retail trade was coordinated and implemented in accordance with the measures taken ”.

As the minister explained, this is evidenced by the decrease in positive test results in recent weeks, that is, the ratio of positive tests to their total number.

“From the very beginning, SMS was a“ handy ”tool so that we did not have to fill out the corresponding form manually each time. The time during which we stop using SMS to leave the house will depend on the course of affairs (epidemiological situation) and the nature of the measures that will be applied at any given moment.

We also have last year’s experience – the more events are opened, the closer we are to the completion of the process of sending messages, ”the minister summed up his speech.

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