Mile-long lines and incredible excuses to travel to the countryside

More than 10,000 police officers across Greece are called upon to check whether the conditions for the travel of citizens to the region are met, with helicopters and drones being “involved”.

In connection with the Easter holiday, an increase in traffic was registered on the toll roads of Elefsina. The police carry out intensive checks, stopping cars one after another, the drivers of which must present a document confirming the legitimacy of the movement.

The queues of cars at many “exit” gates of Attica exceed one kilometer (!), While many were “turned back” because, as the inspectors found out, the citizens did not have the right to leave. And of course, an administrative fine of € 300 was imposed on them.

In fact, many drivers use incredible excuses to drive into the village. It is noteworthy that one of them presented a document that indicated “assistance”. At the same time, a spit and other characteristic accessories for an Easter picnic lay in the trunk. Others said they “have evidence of movement, but because they are in the trunk it is difficult to show them.” The third claimed that he was taking his dog to the veterinarian in the Peloponnese.

It is noted that from today, police control has been strengthened, mainly on the Athens-Corinth and Athens-Lamia toll roads, in the context of the ban on interregional travel to prevent the spread of coronavirus. The authorities follow the law, but the Greek population perceives this as “an infringement of personal freedoms and rights.”

Police are reportedly exercising control not only on toll highways, but also on adjacent roads to prevent the movement of those who try to arrange Easter in the village. Those who do not have the necessary documents for interregional movement will be forced to return back, earning a fine, so to speak, “not salty”.

“Control is strict not only in Attica, but throughout Greece. Some citizens provide just the wildest documents to prove that they can legally leave the city for the village. For example, they claim that they are going to do “agricultural work” or they need to see a doctor. All kinds of tricks are used in order to be able to cross the road point and transport your entire family in a car filled with picnic luggage! And there are a lot of such violators, ”the Greek media report.

“The relevant documents that citizens present to the inspectors for the possibility of traveling to another area are carefully checked,” the same sources note, explaining: “In addition to higher fines, under certain conditions, criminal sanctions may be applied.”

It is also noted that, according to the ΕΛΕΣ business plan for Easter, in parallel with ground services, helicopters and drones will control the situation from the air.

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