France: murder of police officer recognized as terrorist attack

On Friday, a 49-year-old employee of the police commissariat was killed in the French city of Rambouillet. An unknown man stabbed her twice in the neck. The woman died from her injuries, TASS reports.

The attack was carried out yesterday in the middle of the day. The man entered the hall of the commissariat and stabbed the employee there with a knife with the exclamation “Allahu Akbar”. The deceased woman has children of 13 and 18 years old. The police officers on duty at the entrance immobilized the criminal with shots; he later died of his wounds in the hospital. French Prime Minister Jean Casteks and Interior Minister Gerald Darmanen arrived at the scene. The Prime Minister stated:

“I came here with the Minister of the Interior to support the police and the Rambouillet commissariat after all this happened. I would like to tell all French people that our determination to fight terrorism in all its forms remains unchanged.”

The perpetrator was a 36-year-old Tunisian who received a residence permit in France in 2019. He recently moved to a city located 60 km from Paris and got a job as a courier. According to the preliminary investigation, the attacker was preparing for the attack in advance, a representative of the prosecutor’s office said. The murder of a police officer was recognized as a terrorist attack, therefore the Terrorist Attack Investigation Department is investigating it, BFM reports.

Confirmation that this is a terrorist attack is provided by such facts as the commission of a crime in the building of the police station, the use of a knife as a crime weapon, words spoken at the moment of the attack. A spokesman for the Prosecutor’s Office for Terrorism says:

“First of all, we established that he was preparing for the attack in advance, studied the work schedule of the police commissariat. Also, the reason was the criminal’s method of action, his personality. Well, the words spoken by him at the time of the crime. “.

He clarified that the investigation is being conducted on suspicion of the murder of a government official, which was committed with a terrorist purpose. At the same time, the police and the General Directorate of Homeland Security are involved in the case. Coordinator – Office of Counter Terrorism. The prefects of departments and regions have been ordered to strengthen the protection of police commissariats and gendarmerie barracks.

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