Greece forgot about the Muslim Hellenes

Recently, a meeting of the foreign ministers of Greece and Turkey took place, after which the Greek press does not cease to enthusiastically describe the statements of the Greek Minister Dendias Nikos in response to the attacks of his Turkish partner.

I must say that the Greek minister only noted the self-evident facts, i.e. he spoke about the violations of the air and sea space by the Turkish side. In response to this, the Turkish colleague said that, they say, “once upon a time all the Greek islands were Turkish,” and also hastened to add that the rights of the Turkish minority in Thrace were allegedly violated.

Dr. Xanfopoulos on the Pontians in Turkey

Dr. Xanfopoulos about the Pontians living in Turkey: Turkey remembers the Turks in Greece, but pretends not to know about the Hellenes in Turkey.

Posted by Russian Athens – Russian Athens on Friday, April 23, 2021

The Greek minister answered this diplomatically: “We have no Turks in Greece, but there are Muslim Hellenes.” Thus, he again forgot about the existence of the Pontic Hellenes on Pontus today, or maybe he did not know. Once, when meeting in Trebizond with the Pontians who remained there since the genocide only because they converted to Islam, of course, by force, they told me: “Your eccentrics are Greeks. After all, not your Turks are Hellenic Muslims, we are Hellenic Muslims! ” So, by doing so, Dendias insulted the Hellenes, “forgetting” that in our time at least 10 million of our compatriots, the Muslim Hellenes, actually live on Pontus. I traveled 43 villages on Ponte and saw this presence with my own eyes. All of these people speak an ancient dialect of the modern modern Greek language. If Dendias knew about this, he should have said that Greece was never close to these Pontic Greeks in Turkey. In contrast, the Turks always help their Turkish minority, both financially and spiritually.

The ancient Greeks had a motto: “Learn from the enemy!” Unfortunately, today’s Greeks have long forgotten it.

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