Greece Entry Rules: Spring-Summer 2021

How to come to Greece during the tourist season 2021? What documents are needed? Do I need a coronavirus test if there is a vaccine? What insurance should be? Answers to these and other questions in our publication.

Existing restrictions

Since the spring of this year, Greece has opened its borders to Russians. Allowed to visit the country no more than 4 thousand citizens per week. The Greek authorities regularly make adjustments regarding the number of tourists and, apparently, from mid-May this restriction will either be lifted altogether, or the number of arrivals will be significantly increased. Since the fall of last year, another rule has been provided for tourists – the presence of a PCR test. It must be done no later than 72 hours before the planned flight. At the same time, the presence of vaccination does not exempt from this test, although it looks illogical. Perhaps this condition will be revised in the near future. The exception is children under the age of ten. Another condition for visiting is insurance. It should cover coronavirus treatment. You can get such a document on specialized online services or from an insurance agent.

Registration of an entry permit

For citizens of the Russian Federation, a visa is required to visit EU countries.

For citizens of Ukraine, Moldova or Georgia, countries for which a visa-free regime is provided, the presence of a visa for travel for a period of up to 90 days is not required.

The validity of the foreign passport at the time of the flight must be at least three months.

Visa options

The Schengen agreement provides for citizens to receive several types of visas:

category A and B provides for a transit visit to the state; guest room; type D is issued by students; business; a national visa allows a guest to stay in Greece from 100 days to 1 year; a short-term permit (category C) allows you to stay in the country for up to 1 month; tourist.

Each category provides for the presence of a certain package of documents confirming the purpose of the visit.

List of documents

To obtain a permit, you must submit a request to the Consulate of Greece or to the visa center. A citizen who intends to go to another country must prepare a package of documents in advance:

foreign passport (two blank pages are required) and its copy; civil passport in original and copy; insurance in the amount of 30,000 euros; round trip tickets; income statement; two photos; a check confirming the payment of the state fee.

The consulate has the right to request one of two documents to choose from: a certificate of employment or a sponsorship letter. Pensioners should additionally have a certificate with them, university students – student cards.

When issuing a guest permit, an invitation drawn up by a citizen of Greece is added to the package of papers. The document must be certified by the local police. The invitation has a validity period of 3 months from the date of its preparation.

We remind you that until May 15 (and possibly longer) in Greece there are restrictions on movement around the country, and until May 3 (while the preliminary date) catering establishments (cafes, restaurants, taverns, etc.) are closed, some of them are open, but only for takeaway.

Also, while moving between regions of the country is prohibited, museums, gyms, stadiums, shopping centers are closed. In public places and in transport, it is compulsory to wear a protective mask. The restrictions are gradually being lifted and, according to the authorities, may be significantly relaxed by mid-May.

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