20 euros for the unemployed to buy books

The voucher for the amount of 20 euros is provided by the Ministry of Culture in cooperation with the OAED for unemployed youth under the age of 24, with the aim of purchasing books.

The total cost of the book purchase subsidy program is € 1.2 million. The implementation is carried out through the provision of credit vouchers for 60,000 beneficiaries.

The voucher can be used “in any bookstore that cooperates with the program to buy as many books as the recipient chooses, with the exception of textbooks for all levels of education (books are provided free of charge by the Ministry of Education), or other items,” the Ministry of Culture clarifies and adds that “The purchase of a book can be carried out either with the physical presence of the recipient in the store, or remotely (online), from June 1, 2021 to October 21, 2021.”

Of course, thanks, but it looks like in that joke: “Take as many sweets as you want, at least two”! Based on how much one book costs in the store, one can understand that even one book may not be enough.

Steps to be taken by beneficiaries

Program participants, young people up to 24 years old (with a date of birth from 2-6-1996, registered in the register of unemployed OAED) who wish to receive a voucher, apply exclusively electronically through the single digital portal of the Greek State (www.gov.gr) from 23-4-2021 to 14-5-2021.

If less than 60,000 beneficiaries show interest within the specified period, the program is likely to be extended, but no later than until 9/21/2021, as the ministry officially announced.

For more information, interested parties can visit the relevant website.

It is noted that from next week the service will be provided through OAEDapp, OAED’s innovative mobile application.

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