Vaccination for the 30-39-year-old group: what led to the adjustment of the strategy

If you decipher yesterday’s appeal Kyriakos Mitsotakis, it contains the following points.

First, Kyriakos Mitsotakis wanted to express a specific point of view at a time when the psychological pressure among the people of Greece due to the travel ban due to Easter became too great. Yesterday’s address said that the dominant discussion is that instead of the traditional “Easter in the village” there will be the so-called “Easter at home”. But the very next day after Easter, the opening of restaurants and other catering establishments, schools of all levels will begin, and then within 2 weeks the country will begin to return to normal life. Among other things, travel between regions (peripheries) and even “some cultural events” will be allowed. However, the prime minister did not refrain from analyzing the reasons why movement at the local level would not be allowed, noting that “there are still many COVID carriers in Attica and major cities, and their massive movement risks spreading the virus everywhere.”

Secondly, the prime minister reported the “news” about the opening of a vaccination platform for the age group of 30 years and older. This is a strategy adjustment, as recent data have shown that there is a large number of infected people in these age groups, as well as many hospitalizations. In fact, the government has decided to act more “aggressively” with the coming summer and be more open to social groups to be vaccinated.

The third element that cannot be overlooked is the constant mention of vaccination. At the same time, according to the authorities, only 59% of people aged 60-64 were vaccinated. Self-testing is a key tool, but the harsh reality is that if we do not achieve high vaccination rates, we will not be able to fully return to normal life. Hence the call of the Prime Minister for universal vaccination of citizens. Mr Mitsotakis said the vaccines are “effective and the wall of immunity is building up at a rapid pace,” adding that, “unfortunately, it is a fact that the vast majority of those intubated are now our unvaccinated.”

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