Vladimir Putin sent a message to the Federal Assembly – it became his seventeenth

As always, the annual event – messages of the Russian president to the Federal Assembly – everyone was looking forward to it. It was broadcast live, and residents of all Russian cities could see it in real time. The editorial board of “Russian Athens” tried to highlight the main theses and main statements of the Russian president.

About pandemic and vaccination

Paying tribute to the difficult situation with the coronavirus, Vladimir Putin praised the resilience of Russians in the fight against the pandemic, despite “exhausting but vital precautions.” The President urged not to relax and to do the main thing – to get vaccinated:

“Get vaccinated! Only in this way will we block a deadly epidemic. There is no other way. “

Medical support

Highly appreciating the selfless work of doctors during the coronavirus pandemic, the head of state thanked them for their clear and well-coordinated work, promising to equip and update the ambulance fleet in the next three years – 5,000 new vehicles will be sent to Russian villages and small towns.

In the field of education

It is planned to build 1,300 new educational institutions in which 1 million Russian schoolchildren will be able to receive a decent education. For these purposes, the government is allocating 750 billion rubles. For the safety and comfort of students, 16,000 modern school buses will be purchased. Financial support for the teaching staff is also provided – in technical schools and colleges, course curators will receive a bonus of 5,000 rubles.

Preferential rest

Home recreation that supports the country’s economy should be encouraged. Vladimir Putin proposed extending the program, at least until the end of the year, according to which 1/5 of their vacation expenses are reimbursed to citizens vacationing in Russia:

“I propose at least until the end of the year to extend the program, according to which a citizen is refunded 20% of his travel expenses in Russia.”

Help for families with children

The President of Russia paid special attention to supporting families with children, announcing several programs:

from July 1, children of 8-16 years old who are brought up in single-parent families will be entitled to an allowance in the amount of 5,600 rubles; pregnant women registered early will receive 6,350 rubles a month if they are experiencing financial difficulties; in August, parents of schoolchildren will receive a lump sum payment of 10,000 rubles; the Russian president has promised to consider paying the state for half the cost of vouchers to children’s camps.

Support for entrepreneurs

Within a month, the government should consider possible ways to support small and medium-sized businesses, fulfilling the president’s instructions. Putin suggested considering options such as affordable loans, tax incentives, and expanding sales markets. He noted that the development of entrepreneurial initiative will help fight unemployment.

Incentives for big businessmen

The President instructed the government to develop specific proposals for large businessmen, taking into account their impact:

“Someone pays dividends, and someone invests in the development of their enterprises and industries. We will encourage – of course, those who invest ”.

Solving regional problems

Part of the commercial debt, which exceeds a quarter of the own income of a constituent entity of the Russian Federation, can be restructured. Infrastructure loans should help in the construction of new facilities. Vladimir Putin explained:

“We will provide the constituent entities of the Russian Federation with a fundamentally new development tool – the so-called infrastructure budget loans at a rate of no more than 3% per annum and with a maturity of 15 years. <...> The less debts the region has, the more it will be able to get infrastructure loans ”.

For foreign guests – electronic visas

The head of state urged to facilitate and speed up the process of obtaining visas for a trip to Russia, stressing that the hospitable country is ready to warmly welcome millions of foreign tourists:

“So that from most countries it would be possible to issue an e-visa for travel to Russia remotely, without unnecessary formalities and in just 4 days.”

The situation in the world and sometimes inadequate attitude

In conclusion, the Russian president did not ignore the tense situation in the world and how they “cling to Russia here and there”:

“The organizers of any provocations that threaten the fundamental interests of our security will regret their deeds as they have not regretted anything for a long time. I hope that no one will think of crossing the so-called red line in relation to Russia. And where it will take place – we will determine ourselves in each specific case ”.

You can see the full address of Vladimir Putin to the Federal Assembly here: https://rua.gr/news/european-news/41186-poslanie-vladimira-putina-federalnomu-sobraniyu.html

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