February 8, 2023

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Two faces of one cape: a unique Greek beach of its kind

It is no coincidence that Greece stands out all over the world for its beaches and their features. The beauty of the wild is exotic, which at all times is attractive to humans.

A very impressive beach is located just a few kilometers from Thessaloniki. The reason is that Potamos beach has … two faces, the Shipwreck and the Sandy Cape (Ναυάγιο και την Αμμόγλωσσα). The uniqueness of the place lies in the fact that on the one hand the sea is always calm, and on the other – there is a wave.

Potamos, located near Epanomi (Επανομή), is a place where natural beauty is ideally combined with the concept of a great summer vacation. There is no crowd and noise that is usually seen on the beaches of Halkidiki and Thermaikos. Moreover, the distance from Thessaloniki is only 30 km. This unique beach is a real oasis with a sunken ship and a sandy cape.

A sand spit with proudly resting remains of a sunken ship gives a very special look to this place. The rusty, haughty, imposing and well-preserved hull of the ship was stranded somewhere in the 70s.

Alas, recently this beach is no longer a “secret”, and the townspeople began to visit it with pleasure. Another positive aspect of the beach is that it has a large enough parking area.

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