March 31, 2023

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Singapore: Breathing Tests for Coronavirus

Singapore will soon launch innovative COVID breath testing. TracieX equipment will be installed at the airport, TASS reports.

The TracieX COVID breath testing system helps to determine the presence of coronavirus with an accuracy of 95%, and the test result is ready in 2 minutes. These are the results of clinical studies of an innovative device, while the verification accuracy is comparable to the effectiveness of PCR tests. The cost of such a test is about $ 20, and this is another advantage of the test compared to existing counterparts.

The TracieX developers explain that with each exhalation, the body releases volatile organic compounds (VOCs) produced by biochemical reactions in human cells. The new device is capable of recording the slightest changes in the chemical composition of respiration.

The Singapore authorities plan to install TracieX equipment at the airport to detect the presence of coronavirus in citizens arriving in the country. In June this year, the TracieX device will be launched into mass production. It is currently being tested at Changi Airport and the National Center for Infectious Diseases.

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