February 8, 2023

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Israel: for the first time after wearing a mask on the streets for the first time

Since yesterday, Israeli citizens can walk the streets without the annoying masks. True, they are still mandatory indoors, but it is already a matter of time, states Israel Hayom.

Vaccination in the country with both doses of Pfizer / BioNTech has surpassed a record 80%, and today, finally, the streets are filled with people without the usual accessory. Consistently and carefully, Israel is returning to a normal lifestyle amid a sharp decline in infections and hospitalizations. However, Benjamin Netanyahu, Prime Minister of Israel, said in an interview with reporters:

“We are now leading the international community towards the end of the pandemic, but we are not done with the coronavirus yet. He can come back. “

Therefore, some restrictive measures in the country continue to operate. For example, entry from other countries is still accompanied by mandatory quarantine if travelers cannot present a vaccination certificate. The authorities fear the emergence of new strains that could have a negative impact on the effectiveness of vaccinations. The Israeli Ministry of Health has already announced the identification of 7 cases of the Indian variant.

The Ministry of Health pays special attention to the younger generation. Kindergartens, elementary schools, gymnasiums and lyceums have already opened. Educators and teachers are encouraged to thoroughly ventilate classrooms and playrooms, to monitor compliance with distance during lessons and breaks. Any extracurricular activities are still prohibited. Sharon Alroy-Price, spokesman for the Ministry of Health, says:

“This population remains unvaccinated (children under 16) and we want to protect them.”

But the Ministry of Health warns that the mask remains a must-have for indoor public spaces. And the population understands this requirement, despite being tired of all restrictive measures. Among the numerous comments on the latest relaxation of the authorities:

“For the first time in such a long time, I feel strange without a mask. And this is very, very strange. But if I have to wear it indoors to get rid of it, I will do my best. ”

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