Accident in Gavdos: "Someone might think that I wished her death?"

Investigation into a traffic accident in Gavdos is gaining momentum. A grief-stricken mother appeals to the authorities: “Why couldn’t they save my daughter?”

The mother of the deceased Korina demands an answer from the authorities why they did not provide assistance in a timely manner, because the girl did not have fatal injuries, and she would have survived if it had not been for delays.

Let us remind you that the tragic accident happened on 11/04. The car, in which the man and the woman were traveling, fell off a cliff. According to the Flash News website, the man was thrown out of the car during a car accident and was hospitalized with injuries.

According to the information, the accident occurred on the road from Kastri to the village of Vatsiana, located in the south of the island. The car fell off a cliff several meters high. Due to the fact that this place is very difficult to access, assistance was provided after 6 hours… During this time, the student died.

The heartbroken mother asks for an answer to the question of who is to blame for the tragic death of her daughter Corina. In an interview with the ANT1 channel, the inconsolable woman, referring to the words of the forensic scientist, said that Corina had received such injuries when the car fell off a cliff that if she had been taken to the hospital on time, she would not even need an operation!

The girl’s lungs were damaged, and the usual auxiliary equipment, which is available in any medical institution, would be enough to save her life.

“The child died because the helicopter did not have time to take off … And she would be alive today if she was taken to the hospital on time!” – says the mother of the victim.

The driver, who survived the fatal accident, fends off speculation about his involvement in the death of a student.

“Who would have thought that the handbrake would fail? Everything was fine with the car. I wouldn’t risk my life … Did I want to kill her? Does anyone have such thoughts? I don’t even want to think about it. Did I push the car into the abyss? Don’t go crazy! In the end, it’s not my fault. And Korina was killed by the delay. I had sincere feelings for her, I loved this girl, ”the man added.

Corina’s mother insists that the evidence gathered at the crash site refutes the 40-year-old driver’s claims.

“Corina, who was there, can no longer speak. So tell us what really happened! Her companion says some strange things. The police and a lawyer got down to business, ”said the mother of the deceased.

The family of the unfortunate student is currently awaiting the conclusion of forensic experts. Perhaps the data will shed light on the girl’s cause of death.

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