Pilot opening of road borders in Promahonas and Nymphaea

A ministerial decree was published today, which refers to the pilot opening of road borders at the border crossings of Promachonas and Nymphea (Greece).

In Nymphaea, the road remained closed to the passage of private cars during the previous months. And only commercial trucks could cross the border unhindered. To date, by the decision of the Greek authorities, the border crossing has been opened on a pilot basis for visitors wishing to enter the country in private cars.

Conditions of travel
Tourists-visitors are allowed to enter “subject to a negative test in persons made in laboratory conditions within the last 72 hours prior to their arrival in Greece. In this case, travelers are required to present an appropriate certificate. Verification (express test) can also be selectively carried out at the border. “

Speaking to APE-MPE, Mr Tanasis Tsonis does not hide his satisfaction with the fact that the intervention of Αντιπεριφέρειας Τουρισμού in the region of Eastern Macedonia and Thrace has been heard by the political leadership, given that most visitors from the Balkan countries – and not only – travel through Nymphaea.

“I think that the implementation of the measures established by the Government Gazette will contribute to the safe movement of those who want to enter Greece. What happened today is a crash test for the next period and until May 14, when the full opening of tourism is expected, ”the official said.

Exactly the same conditions of entry into Greece apply at the Promahonas border crossing for citizens from the European Union countries, as well as travelers from the USA, Great Britain, Serbia, the United Arab Emirates and Israel.

The same ministerial decree states that all travelers entering Greece, regardless of nationality and method of entry into our country, must fill out an electronic PLF (Passenger Locator Form) with their full contact details (during their stay in Greece).

At the border stations of Promahonas and Nymphaea, there is an EODY unit that conducts express tests for almost all travelers who pass through the border crossings.

The decree emphasizes that the hours of entry into Greece through the two border crossings for private cars are set from 07:00 to 23:00, when the national health service EODY is open.

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