When will they start filing tax returns?

A tax filing platform will open immediately after Easter, Finance Minister Christos Staikuras said.

The finance minister told Open channel that the economy needs support until the situation stabilizes. At the same time, he stressed that, as expected, tourism this year will go much better than last. And the bank deposits of citizens will continue to grow.

Freelancers affected by the pandemic, suspended workers and those who have lost their rent will not be taxed, the minister said. As Mr. Staikuras said, it is not yet known how retroactive payments to pensioners will be taxed.

Finally, with regard to the refundable deposit, he noted that “today we have 560,000 applications for refunds,” but a decision on this issue has not yet been made.

Recall, as “Russian Athens” wrote earlier, the TAXIS system will start accepting declarations after Easter, while most of the data will be automatically entered into the corresponding tax declaration codes, for example, a surcharge of 534 euros, compensation for the “cut” rent and due payment of advances.

The financial staff plans to pay income tax this year in eight monthly installments.

Thousands of workers who were suspended from work in 2020 are expected to report lower earnings, leaving them at risk of being taxed based on their imputed income rather than real income.

In addition, the possibility of full tax exemptions for those affected by the pandemic is being considered (for more information, contact your accountant).

With regard to the provision of electronic receipts, it turned out that thousands of taxpayers were unable to cover 30% of their income last year with plastic money, mainly due to reduced consumption and the closure of the market.

In this context, the possibility of exemption of certain categories of citizens from an additional tax collection of 22%, levied on the difference between the electronic payments that he was obliged to make and those that he collected, is being considered.

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