Russia: Does Navalny have a few days left?

Doctors sound the alarm and warn: the heart of opposition leader Alexei Navalny can stop at any moment, reports Euronews.

Close politicians declare a threat to the life of the politician. Blood test data have been published that indicate unacceptable levels of potassium, which can cause acute renal failure and cardiac arrest. Yaroslav Ashikhmin, the attending physician of the founder of the Anti-Corruption Foundation, says that in this state Navalny should be in intensive care: “Our patient can die at any moment.”

Even doctors not associated with the disgraced politician claim that the threat to life is indeed real. Alexander Polupan, a resuscitator at the Institute of Neurosurgery, warns: in the absence of hospitalization and proper treatment, “he will die within the next few days.”

The health of Alexei Navalny, already undermined by the poisoning, is complicated by a hunger strike, which he announced almost 3 weeks ago, in response to his refusal to admit independent doctors to him. According to European laboratories and the Organization for the Prohibition of Chemicals. weapons, the politician in August last year suffered from the action of the poisonous substance of the “Novichok” group.

The founder of the Anti-Corruption Foundation is serving a 2.5-year sentence given to him by the court in a correctional colony located in the Vladimir region. On his return from Germany, where Navalny was undergoing treatment after poisoning, the politician was detained right at the airport. The FSIN accused him of violating the terms of the verdict in the fraud case. The court sent him to jail.

On February 17, 2021, the ECHR demanded the immediate release of the oppositionist from custody. However, the Russian Ministry of Justice called this decree “knowingly unenforceable.”

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