SMS 6 to 13033: free travel to other municipalities

Today, on Saturday 17/04, the free movement of citizens from municipality to municipality by SMS 6 to 13033 became allowed.

We remind you that only on weekends it is allowed to go for a walk (out of town) by vehicle. One car can accommodate up to 3 people or a family. Citizens have the opportunity to play sports outside the municipality at their place of residence using code 6 and with the obligatory wearing of a mask.

This means that the maximum number of passengers in private cars is three people, in a taxi there are two passengers, except for the driver.

It was noted that exceptions to the limit of passengers continue to apply:

transportation of minor children accompanied by their parents; movement of persons belonging to vulnerable groups or in need of the assistance of an escort.

Commenting on the movement from municipality to municipality using code 6 in sms at 13033, with up to 3 people or a family in the car, Mr. Adonis Georgiadis said that ‚Äúcitizens can move anywhere, within the same regional unit or within Attica, if they are residents of the region. “

Regarding fishing, the minister explained: “Provided that inter-municipal movement is allowed on weekends, it is possible to engage in fishing within the established territorial boundaries.”

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