Greece: license plates as an Easter gift

The amendment of the Ministry of Finance provides that the owners of vehicles who have handed over license plates to the tax office can take them back by paying road tax without penalties.

According to MEGA, the amendment made by the Ministry of Finance concerns the owners of cars and motorcycles, who can pay the corresponding amount for the months they will use the car. For example, if they want to drive for two months, they will have to pay 2/12 of the annual toll. Vehicle owners will be able, through the AADE platform, to declare the seizure of real estate, for how many months they want it, and pay the corresponding amount. For a car with an annual road tax of 240 euros, the owner who wants to drive for two months must pay 40 euros for using his car only for the two months that he declared. The owner of a 2000 cbm car, who is usually charged an annual fee of 690 euros, and who wishes to re-install their license plates for a period of two months (July and August), will be charged 115 euros for 2 months. Accordingly, if a car owner with a volume of 2,400 cubic meters with an annual fee of 920 euros wants to “return” license plates for the period July-December, he will have to pay 459.6 euros (76.6 euros monthly for six months). Immobilization is carried out once a year, and on the last day the vehicle owner will have to return their numbers again. Otherwise, he faces a fine in the amount of double the annual fee. The decision about such an “Easter gift” was made in favor of the drivers in order to facilitate movement during the rest, and to collect some money for a fairly empty budget.

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