"You need to wait" – expert verdict regarding the opening of other activities before Easter

According to the information, the commission of epidemiologists has a negative attitude to the proposal to further open retail trade and other activities in general.

Infectious disease specialists in Greece sat down to negotiate the opening (or not) of classes for extracurricular activities (frondistirio), beauty salons, shopping centers and cancellation of appointments required for shopping.

According to the website iefimerida.gr, experts are negative about the further opening of the various activities listed above at the present time. However, the vote has not yet taken place.

The rationale behind the “wait and take your time” position, which seems to prevail at the negotiating table, is that epidemiologists want to first see how the situation unfolds after shops and schools open before making any decisions.

The task of specialists is so that we can spend Easter normally, without a new outbreak of a pandemic.

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