They will … celebrate the landing of the German paratroopers in Crete

The organization, which calls itself the “European Paratroopers”, has announced a festive event in honor of what the poster says is Nazi Operation Mercury, the 1941 Nazi airborne assault on Crete.

The event, which, according to the announcement, should take place from 17 to 23 May under the general name “Crete Memorial”, is organized to mark the end of the “80th anniversary of the Battle of Crete with paratroopers who will parachute jumping in Maleme, in honor of the heroism of the German paratroopers.” …

Elsewhere in the same poster, the organizers declare that “80 years have passed since the chosen paratroopers of the 3rd Reich captured the island of Crete.”

The identity of the organization that uses symbols and crosses similar to those in the 3rd Reich remains unknown. It is also unknown whether they approached the local authorities of Chania and Crete with a request to organize such an event, which would include guided tours of the historical sites of the Battle of Crete.

The cost of participation in the event for those who wish is 365 euros per person, participants will be awarded medals in the design of which Nazi symbols can be clearly traced. To soften the impression, according to the organizers, they invited participants from the countries of the anti-Hitler coalition!

In any case, such an event in honor of … the brave German paratroopers is a challenge for the Greek people. Who knows about all this? Which authority gave permission for these events?

More information about the defense of Crete can be found in the publication: Battle of Crete – Germany’s first defeat in World War II

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