Arrested for calling against self-test and blocking school

Authorities arrested the student’s mother, who was outraged that the headmaster of the high school refused to allow her child to start classes without self-testing.

According to, the woman was arrested as part of a quick arrest procedure on (Aftoforo) because of a text she posted on Facebook. The conflict flared up in the morning before classes, when the schoolgirl’s mother filed a lawsuit against the school administration, claiming that she was not obliged by law to self-test her child in order for him to attend the lesson, and an oral order from the prosecutor for this, they say, was not enough. She was supported by the students, who wrapped them in chains and locked the entrance to the lyceum, not allowing them to enter the educational institution. According to the protesters, they protested against the mandatory self-tests in schools: “it is unconstitutional to force someone to undergo any medical procedure.”

A total of 6 out of 400 children did not pass the self-test.

Pupils protest against self-tests at school.

Pupils blocked the entrance to the school in protest against the self-test at the school.

Posted by Russian Athens – Russian Athens on Thursday, April 15, 2021

In an interview with Open, one student said that “most students want to study, but their parents instigated the cancellation of classes.”

“Our children are not guinea pigs,” said the student’s mother, who began the story.

“My child has been seriously ill with coronavirus with all the symptoms. I am a mother of a minor child from a lyceum 15 years old. He is a good student and has been unable to enter the classroom for the last three days to study. According to Constitutional Law A 120, any medical operation to a child without parental consent is prohibited. I object, since we do not know the reliability of the self-test. We do not know what can be harmful to the body of our children. Our children are not guinea pigs. We do not know how this will develop in the body. There are doctors in my family, and I know a thing or two from the inside. I also trust doctors. There is a law that guarantees our rights. I do not deny a child a proper molecular test in a laboratory. But here they are asking the school to do a self-test, ”said Ms. Romeu in a conversation with MEGA.

“There is disagreement among doctors, and parents are listening, and we are worried. I am not a coronavirus denier. We are fighting for the health of our children. I cannot say whether I support the occupation or not. I speak like a parent, ”she continued.

“I have filed a lawsuit against the school administration and everyone who is responsible for this psychological process through which our children go, for their personal rights to individual freedom. Of course, I consulted with a lawyer. We do not want our children to enter and isolate themselves in structures if they are positive. The way it is. Children have their own home and their environment, ”added Ms Romeu.

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