Parents against student self-testing

Parents of pupils of one of the schools filed a lawsuit against the principal in the Prosecutor’s Office of Rethymno for the fact that pupils who had not passed the self-test were not allowed to the educational process.

These are six parents who, according to the head of the Department of Secondary Education of Rethymno Yiannis Gazanos, who gave an interview to APE-MPE, are protesting against the ban on school attendance by their children who have not passed the self test.

“Citizens appealed to the prosecutor’s office. Their request is not based on the issued circulars or orders from our scientists to ensure safety from the coronavirus. The parents also sent us an out-of-court decision, arguing that it is unconstitutional to forbid their children to enter school, that access to the school is free. And also indicating that a medical self-test (self test), it is impossible to conduct a minor at home or on his own. Some of the parents even claim that there is no incinerator to dispose of the materials used in the self test, and that all this can cause problems. “

The Secondary Education Directorate encourages parents to read the relevant ministerial decree, as well as the instructions of the Ministry of Education and, as Mr. Gazanos says, “we are trying to discuss the topic through constructive dialogue in order to convey to adults that it is about the safety of the school community. However, parents ask for a written explanation, a certificate of why the principal does not allow children to enter the classroom. For our part, we follow the provisions of the law. We have a contact with Legal to help sort this out. We also contacted the regional office of Crete to get competent advice on what we should do in this case. “

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