Glyfada: cuffs and swearing at the entrance to the ZARA store

Incredible scenes of assault were seen by passers-by in the fashionable southern suburb of Athens. Two young women dragged each other by the hair at the entrance to a famous clothing brand store.

On Tuesday, scenes of “fighting” unfolded in front of the store: a woman who was waiting at the entrance to the store first insulted and then hit a woman who left the store accompanied by a man.

The companion of the young lady who was attacked tried to separate them, but to no avail, and as a result, both women grabbed each other’s hair.

According to witnesses of the incredible scenes, even after the woman who was attacked left, the other continued to “throw mud at her.”

It seems that the coronavirus and long-term self-isolation have negatively affected the state of mind of many people in Greece. And now, when the authorities finally allowed to leave the house and shops of manufactured goods have been opened, women are ready to tear each other to pieces, fighting for a place in line at “alluring counters” with an abundance of manufactured goods: clothes, shoes, bags, and so on.

In this case, it is not known whether the vaccine will help shopaholics “put their brains in place.”

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