Easter Gift: When Temporarily Suspended Employees Get Paid

Suspended employees are expected to receive an Easter gift before Holy Wednesday, April 28.

For those who were suspended from January 1 to April 30, 2021, the payment will be made in two installments:

The first will be paid on the basis of a special compensation, i.e. 534 euros, for the days they were suspended from work, Second – based on their wages for the entire time of their work.

All employees in private businesses are eligible to receive an Easter gift from their employer. The size of Δώρο Πάσχα is calculated for the period from January 1 to April 30.

If someone wants to determine the exact amount that he will receive, then he should know that if the employment relationship lasted for the entire period of time indicated above, he is entitled to half of the salary. Or 15 wages, if he is paid by the day (μεροκάματα, αν αμείβεται με ημερομίσθιο).

In case the work continued intermittently during the above-mentioned period, then the employee will receive a part of the gift depending on the length of time he has worked. It is noted that the days during which the employee was absent from work unreasonably or due to unpaid leave are not counted.

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