Turkey: shock to the tourism industry due to restrictions on flights with the Russian Federation

The fact that Turkey has lost Russian tourists caused a real shock to both local and Russian tourist business. The Association of Tour Operators of Russia compares the decision to restrict flights to Turkey with the closure of the borders in the spring of 2020, writes newsru.com.

From April 15 to June 15, Russia will impose restrictions on flights to Turkey and Tanzania. Experts believe that the decision actually means a large-scale blow to the tourism industry, which will be accompanied by a huge number of postponed tours of the most popular destination for Russians. ATOR analysts report: from April 15 to May 31, tours for a total cost of 354.6 million euros have already been booked, 533,200 tourists gathered on the trip, almost half of them with children. Approximately 7 thousand travelers were going to go to Tanzania, the connection with which is also suspended. ATOR’s message says:

“Considering that up to 90% of all tours for this period include charter flights, the termination of charter flights with Turkey will be practically tantamount to a complete ban and cancellation of almost all applications.”

The Turkish tourism business is no less puzzled and shocked by the restrictions imposed by Russia, RIA Novosti quotes the words of its source in the tourism industry:

“We are shocked. The hotels planned to open this season, first of all, with the expectation of Russians. Now they have to postpone the start of work. There is no one to replace the Russians, since few people come from Europe now, and Turkish tourists do not travel during Ramadan – this is traditional a lull in domestic tourism. For the tourism industry, this will be an incredibly difficult period, as well as for workers. Now, when they had to go to work, they will not be able to start working again, their forced unemployment will continue. What will be the reaction of the state, will material help is still unknown. “

Pandemic or political background, what was the main reason for the restrictive measures? Experts admit that the second factor also has a right to exist. The other day in Ankara, a meeting was held between the Turkish and Ukrainian presidents, at which they discussed Turkey’s support for Ukraine’s entry into NATO and discussed military contracts. Although, who knows, the situation with the coronavirus in Ankara is really close to critical, and it started back in March.

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